Young teacher’s victory

Yestai Ospanov, a teacher at the Nazarbayev Intellectual School in Aktobe, became the best in the traditional II Regional Mathematical Olympiad “Fact and Real for teachers”. The teacher won 50,000 tenge for the 1st place.

The Olympiad among mathematics teachers “Fact and Real for teachers” consisted of one round, where five difficult problems were proposed to improve the professional skills of teachers. The jury consisted of well-known mathematics teachers from the city.

As a result of the Olympiad, the young specialist from NIS, Yestai Ospanov, took first place. Also, another mathematics teacher from the Intellectual School, Ergali Khamzin, took third place. The teachers noted in unison that the competition was fair, meaning the participants’ names were recorded anonymously.

Yestai Ospanov is a trainee teacher who is also studying in a master’s program. He considers his victory as a result of careful preparation.

“At present, I pay a lot of attention to studying and improving my knowledge. After obtaining a master’s degree, I will start preparing students for mathematical Olympiads. I have also studied scientific mathematics, love teaching, and want to educate strong students. My experienced colleagues support me, show me how to teach correctly, thereby exerting a significant influence on my growth and development. My mentor Bakyt Alzhanova always shares what he knows,” says Yestai Ospanov.

72 teachers from city and district schools competed in the educational competition. All participants were given gifts and certificates.