Uniting young teachers on a professional platform

For the first time the conference «T-Charger. New technologies in education» was held online on a platform Zoom. An online conference was fully organized by the members of the youth organization “ Zhasa ”, which consists of young teachers of our school. The conference was attended by about 170 young teachers from all regions of the country, which have linked their careers with the pedagogical sphere.

The main purpose of the conference is the promotion of advanced educational technologies and initiatives to improve the quality of training in the system of secondary, higher and additional education.

As part of the event, young teachers of our school shared their knowledge and experience related to the topics such as “From Ford to Tesla”, “Generation of Google, children of Alpha”, “Hard & Soft Skills”, “Lesson learned, or how to learn”.

There were special guests invited to the conference. They are Sergey Polyansky, teacher of mathematics with a master’s degree, in the Nazarbayev Intellectual School, and Nurlan Imangaliev, director of the Center for Training Teachers USTAZ UPGRADE.

The organizers will issue a certificate to the participants and organize a hotline for future professional support.

If you want to learn more about the conference or the organizers, please visit the page @jasanisaktobe @ed_advisers.