The Model United Nations is a new opportunity for finding yourself and discovering your potential.

The Model UN Conference is a scientific conference for students of all educational institutions, highlighting the global problems of the modern world, where each participant tries himself as a delegate of a particular country. This conference aims to raise a sense of responsibility and concern among students for the future of all humanity, call the whole world to action and search for reasonable solutions to the problem.

This simulation illuminates the problems of our world and allows each participant to broaden their horizons by gaining new knowledge and deepening in international affairs, and raising awareness of today’s global concerns. Model UN conferences are new doors of opportunities to acquire and improve leadership and diplomatic skills, cognitive and analytical thinking, strategic and innovative thinking skills in search of a solution, and teamwork.


On March 6, 2021, the Model UN Club organized the V annual conference held at the Nazarbayev Intellectual School in Aktobe. This conference was attended by students of the Aktobe Regional Lyceum of Innovative Knowledge, secondary school No. 69 and gymnasium schools No. 21 and No. 9. The conference organizers were students of the 12th “E” class: Yerkingali Mira, Baglanova Aidana and Nugaeva Altynay.


This time, the conference topics were: “Reducing Global Food Waste” – a committee of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization and “Corruption and International Tax Evasion” – the General Assembly Committee on the UN Convention against Corruption.

At the end of the conference, the following delegates were nominated:

Karina Yelemessova, Aruzhan Dauren – “Best Delegate”;

Nazerke Abdrakhmanova, Saltanat Zhumagazina – “Best Speaker”;

Anel Mauletsharip, Kamila Kuramyssova – “Honorable to Mention”.