Teachers of NIS Aktobe will take part in the international festival Science on Stage Europe

The Science on Stage Qazaqstan Festival, which brought together qualified teachers from all over the country, identified the best projects of this year. Among them are the works of teachers of the Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Aktobe: the project “Plastic recycling in physics lessons” of the biology teacher-moderator Gulnaz Uspanova and the physics teacher Zhuldyz Musayeva, as well as the project “Honey: what do we know about it?” of the biology teacher-moderator Gulzhan Bazayeva. Aktobe teachers who have passed the republican selection will present their works at the international Science on Stage Europe festival, which will be held in Prague in 2022.

Science on Stage Europe is a platform of great opportunities for teachers who share innovative methods of teaching STEM subjects. During the festival, teachers under the guidance of local and foreign experts prepare a project and integrate it into the educational process.

Physicist Zhuldyz Musayeva and biologist Gulnaz Uspanova not only determined how relevant the topic of the plastic processing project, which has become a large-scale environmental problem, is, but also conducted experimental work together with schoolchildren.

And the project “Honey: what do we know about it?” biology teacher-moderator Gulzhan Bazayeva tells how to choose the right honey based on scientific data about this product. On the initiative of a student of the 10th grade Kamila Kuramysova, a physico-chemical analysis of honey was carried out on the basis of the Nazarbayev Intellectual School in Aktobe, and a palynological analysis of dust in honey was carried out under the guidance of a senior teacher of the Baishev University Zhanar Kalybekova. As a result, a mobile application was developed and implemented