WE are SOUND: We can a lead healthy lifestyle

WE are PATRIOTIC: We know how to demonstrate love of the homeland and its history; support the traditions of the people living in our country

WE are NOBLE: We can show honesty, respect the elderly, helping younger people, be altruistic and helpful

WE areTOLERANT: We can be attentive to other people’s difficulties and tolerant to different social views

WE are INDEPENDENT: We are able to generate ideas and to be responsible for our own decisions and actions

WE are PURPOUSEFUL: We know how to set goals and objectives and strive to achieve them

WE are COMMUNICATIVE: We can sustain a constructive dialogue with people

WE are INQUISITIVE: We can acquire new knowledge

WE are STRESS RESISTANT: We can cope with challenging socio-economic problems

WE are CREATIVE: We can accept non-standard solutions, showing creativity