NIS Alumni 2021: Aktobe intellectuals were awarded certificates

113 graduates of the Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Aktobe were awarded school graduation certificates. For high school students who are on the threshold of adulthood, this day is full of joy. The long-awaited solemn event was held in the traditional format in several streams.

This year, three graduates became holders of the honorary badge “Altyn Belgi” and two intellectuals received certificates with honors. It is worth noting that the students of NIS Aktobe in the 2020-2021 academic year became prize-winners of international and national Olympiads, winners of scientific, cultural and sports competitions, and also showed high results in the international IELTS exam. Among them there are students who have received invitations from the best universities in Hungary, Italy, Great Britain, South Korea and China. The director of the school, Saule Umerbekova, expressed sincere words and wishes to the graduates who have achieved significant success:

– Dear graduates, the most important thing is health. Wherever you are, take care of yourself! You have overcome one of the most difficult stages and have already successfully entered the future today! In a good way! We wish you good luck in every endeavor!

Today’s graduates of independent Kazakhstan are aware of a great responsibility for the future of the country. They say with confidence that the knowledge gained within the walls of the school will be useful to them in later life:

– Many thanks to every teacher who gave us knowledge, shared his experience. It was you who became our mentors. Well, we, your students, will try to carry the fire of knowledge further through life and will always remember you with gratitude! – the graduate Ainur Bisenalina expressed her gratitude.

The solemn meeting continued with a ribbon-cutting ceremony, during which teachers conducted their graduates. Also during the event, the parents prepared concert numbers and made a significant contribution to a fun and impressive evening.