IT FEST-2021: New Achievements of NIS Aktobe Students

Students of the 11th grade of the Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Aktobe Tolegen Aiteni and Mustafa Abylkhanuly became the winners of the “IT FEST-2021” festival and received an invitation to the international IT university of the country. The students who participated in the direction of information technologies have developed an unusual mobile application. The AR-zerthana program is a virtual laboratory for conducting chemical experiments. The mobile application uses augmented reality technology. According to the students, this is a modern solution to problems in the field of education and science.

– We want to contribute to improving the level of science in our country. During the pandemic, schoolchildren did not have the opportunity to conduct experiments, and many educational institutions do not have chemical laboratories. We took this issue into account and started creating a virtual laboratory. Thanks to the mobile application “AR-zerthana”, students can conduct various experiments, says Mustafa Abylkhanuly.

Another advantage of this project is safety: young researchers can carry out experimental work carelessly. At the moment, students have included several chemical elements in the program. The leaders are computer science teachers Bakhit Gaisagaleeva and Akzat Kauysova. The authors of the project plan to further improve the mobile application and obtain copyright.