Aktobe intellectuals contribute to the improvement of eco-literacy

The Young Environmental Team has started cleaning up the natural areas of the region. The YET club, created on the initiative of NIS students in Aktobe, intends to raise the ecological culture of society by fostering an eco-personality. In order to encourage the population not to pollute the environment and keep our city clean, schoolchildren organize eco-trips and usefully spend their summer holidays:

– Our first eco-trip we organized at the Aktobe reservoir. For us, this day was both exciting and very significant. We attracted the attention of about 20 volunteers and collected 40 bags of garbage. We are actually worried about the abundance of garbage in our city. We believe that everyone should take care of keeping the nature of their native land clean. Therefore, we invite everyone to take part in our upcoming eco-trips, – shared the project coordinator Zhadyra Amangeldieva.