A student of NIS Aktobe invented a chemical additive that strengthens the strength of concrete in the composition of roads

Gauhar Akhtanovna, a student of the 12th grade of the Nazarbayev Intellectual School in Aktobe, developed a chemical additive that strengthens concrete in the composition of highways and patented this invention. For 2 years, the schoolgirl, who realized the idea of her supervisors, conducted extensive research and experiments. According to the young inventor, to improve the quality of roads, you can use glyceride felonic acid. This is the most basic component of the mixture.

– The development of a chemical additive took place in several stages: the study of the structure and construction of highways, conducting a laboratory experiment. By the method of pyrolysis of ordinary potatoes, we obtained the necessary element – glyceride felonic acid. Then the moisture-absorbing properties of the finished mixture and the load capacity were determined. Thus, we were convinced that the products can improve the quality of the road, ” says the young scientist.

There is an analogue of such a chemical mixture in the country, manufacturers make it from beets. However, according to the research of a schoolgirl, a chemical additive from potatoes turns out to be much more efficient and economical, and it is not so difficult to produce it. Also, the project under the guidance of the teacher-moderator of chemistry Dastan Nazarov considers the question of why the roads in the country are of poor quality.

– Many contracting companies make technical mistakes during the construction and repair of roads, which is due to the lack of good specialists . In addition, there are many facts of corruption. Also, many road construction companies do not use a chemical additive, as this is an extra waste for the institution. Considering these issues, we have developed an economical additive that preserves the strength of concrete, ” says the intellectual.

The study, launched in 2019, was conducted on the basis of the Nazarbayev Intellectual School in Aktobe. All the possibilities for experiments are provided here. Now it remains to obtain certification and conduct a scientific and technical examination of the finished additive to submit it for production. It should be noted that Gaukhar Akhtanovna, who will soon become a graduate of NIS, is the first patent holder of the school. She plans to link her future with the engineering industry.