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О школе

School mission

To facilitate a trilingual educational environment based on the best traditions of the national education system with international experience and modern technologies and equal opportunities for all students.


School values: lifelong learning, responsibility, respect, honesty, trilingualism,cooperation, tolerance, health.

«School graduates have to know Kazakh, Russian and English languages. Masteringthe skills of critical thinking, independent research and in-depth analysis of the information must be the results of student learning», - N.Nazarbayev

A Global citizen is a person who knows that he/she is part of a bigger world and has responsibilities towards other people based on respect for human rights, non-discrimination,and diversity.  A global citizen works towards a better world by participating in world affairs through the sharing of knowledge and making a positive difference. Global citizens have a responsibility to the world community and improve themselves in order to make the society a better place.